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ARE YOU EMPOWERED???-the Basics recipient of 5* Editorial Review Midwest Review Cynthia Lynn is also writing more print "non-traditional" travel guides, but to find out why her newest "non-traditional" print travel guides are "never out of date" you'll have to wait until the release dates are announced here. See a visual of the "never out of date" hub city print book covers see the far right of this website. In the far right column of this website access the "Quick Link" to Cynthia Lynn's website.

J. R. CAMELBACK another unique Daccord Press author
Daccord Press is proud to publish J.R.Camelback's fiction works, he explores unusual themes within the concept of time & place, this is an author who has 2 print books in progress TAKING THE QUEEN a Caper (see front cover at the far right) and THE GHOSTLY and PARADISE TAXI —he is writing for 21st century readers in a world where a visual expresses the concept that is related with words, his books are scheduled for publication in 2016 and 2017.

a "black hat" Caper

Author news

Cynthia Lynn's latest book ARE YOU EMPOWERED???-the Basics distributed through Ingram Content Group is a Daccord Press 2015 lead title that has received a 5 star editorial review from the prestigious MIDWEST REVIEW Small Press Watch . Find the review in the June 2015 issue on the "Motivational/​Inspirational/​Self-Help" shelf.

AND MORE ABOUT CYNTHIA LYNN'S "book that matters" :

Authors Guild member Cynthia Lynn reveals a well kept secret: US tax dollars pay for consumer help +advice about laws protecting American consumers. She has traveled and lived overseas in democratic and non-democratic countries where there is no encouragement by citizens for informational websites about consumer protections. Even the international Internet search engines don't provide the ways and means each government department can be contacted, nor are there ad sponsored informational websites with "how-to" expert articles. The 70 US website illustrations, both government and "ad sponsored," included in this book gives citizens abroad the opportunity to be EMPOWERED to establish something similar where they reside. And USA readers find out how to receive the services and/​or products paid for from consumer friendly Federal, State, Local sources via government websites as well as "ad-sponsored" expert advice websites.

The MIDWEST REVIEW critique :
"Are You Empowered??? -- The Basics
Cynthia Lynn
Daccord Press
9780989053648, $10.50, 164pp, Ingram
Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Are You Empowered??? -- The Basics" is practical, candid, informed and informative. Especially accessible and recommended for non-specialist general readers seeking to improve the quality of their lives and life experiences, as well as community library Motivational/​Inspirational/​Self-Help/​Self-Improvement collections."

And CYNTHIA LYNN'S newest informational "book that matters" received praise during a preview of ARE YOU EMPOWERED???-the Basics . The participant readers indicated that ARE YOU EMPOWERED???-the Basics should be at the top of the list of "inspirational" and "motivational" books to buy when seeking to improve the quality of life. One participant reader believes that only the EMPOWERED can find "financial acumen" and he wants to be empowered have to make anything possible. Another reader said she intends to learn how to manage her money to enjoy life to its fullest.

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J. R. Camelback's print novel Taking the Queen a Caper features former reporter Prometheus Foster who seeks to solve a "test the boundaries" "Caper" while battling his own demons, scheduled for release in 2016.

J. R's next print novel The Ghostly and Paradise Taxi is an imaginative novel written with a metaphysical entendre and a raison d'ętre plot scheduled for release in 2017.


CYNTHIA LYNN's title for her "non-traditional" hub city print "never out of date" travel guides series NO MORE HOTELS refers to traditional travel guides with "lists of hotels and restaurants" that need to be updated every year and "readers have to buy the latest edition" to get the latest information.

"never out of date" hub city Paris travel guide

This print "never out of date" hub city travel guide is a series conceived and written by Cynthia Lynn. She's a Travel Institute qualified CTC whose Deregulation Paper predicted the consumer friendly airline era & bankruptcy into merger profitability.

The manuscripts for the first two books of the "never out of date" hub city print series NO MORE HOTELS No More Hotels In Paris and No More Hotels In Rome are not yet completed, but she is working diligently toward release dates in late 2016 and early 2017.

"never out of date" hub city Rome travel guide