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Daccord Press  is a small press publisher of 21st century's writers who are writing in print, eBooks and Audible books to reach the many readers who eager to hear new voices in all fiction genres and non-fiction topics.   OUR WRITERS bring meaning to the world we live in, we are among the many voices that represent a diverse global world to tell the story about who we are, when you read our work you know why our voices can make a difference to the lives of those who cannot speak.

Cynthia Lynn's book is a 97 page digital eBook financial primer topic content and indexed just for you, especially during this pandemic when there is so much uncertainty, this book makes a great "reference" to keep for handy access to all the topics and whatever you need to reference to make the most out of your money, solve problems with bills that you see as overcharges or have been unfairly charged for, how to solve any financial issues you have or might have, plus you can reference the steps you can take to improve your lifestyle by better handling of your money, Cynthia Lynn's eBook reference handbook give you the information you need to make lemonade out of your lemons.





Cynthia Lynn's eBook for Kindle, a 97 page reference manual was published with KDP on July 30 and is available exclusively on all amazon.com sites worldwide.


Our debut author CL Bee is a former freelance writer who worked overseas and was based in Paris, France. Now she's back in the USA and writing the fiction she didn't publish during those years when she was freelancing.  CL Bee is currently at work on her first eBook, The Ghostly and Paradise Taxi Book 1, in the series The Ghostly and Paradise Taxi.

Uniquely, The Ghostly and Paradise Taxi Book 1 is a 2-fold plot romance featuring the many incarnations of 2 women looking for a second chance.  One plot unfolds an eliagic romance paranormal, to feature the Ghostly Maxine Martir aka Max in Paris, where the Ghostly Victor Hugo, once France's greatest writer, is rekindling his writing in a new direction within a Ghostly kind of play where the séance determines his dual role of playwright and Stage Manager allows him to plot entangling of circumstances and trigger explosive events to bring Spirits back from the world of the dead.  Still, the playwright will determine  whether these Spirits from the world of the dead are the catalysts who decide the why of the puzzle of Paradise Taxi, but when Victor Hugo the Stage Manager of his play deliberately leads the Ghostly Max aka Maxine Martir back into a Russian Winter of unforeseen consequences, for the moment there is a somewhat dubious result.

However, in an intertwine of sort, this 2-fold plot unfolds with the Ghostly Max in strange ways even before the adventurous Clarissa Max comes to Paris to begin a different life after 5 years of regretting a perfect romance gone awry.  Yet all kinds of mayhem happens when unexpectedly Clarissa Max's former lover wants to reclaim her.

Nevertheless, in this 2-fold plot eliagic romance, these 2 strong women, the Ghostly Maxine Martir akaMax who is in a paranormal dimension of time, and Clarissa Max in her present moment in time get a 2nd chance, but with new provisos that may or may not win the day day, although, this is only Book 1 of the series.