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Daccord Press  is a small press publisher of 21st century's writers who are writing eBooks and Audible books to reach the many readers who eager to hear new voices in all fiction genres and non-fiction topics.   OUR WRITERS bring meaning to the world we live in, we are among the many voices that represent a diverse global world to tell the story about who we are, when you read our work you know why our voices can make a difference to the lives of those who cannot speak.

Solving the puzzle of locating Paradise Taxi leads the reader into A GOING HOME - BOOK 2, the Ghostly in-between world of the living and dead who await the spirits of those they love to come to speak at the séances held at the Paris townhouse, where Victor Hugo and his majordomo Maubert aka formerly Alexandre Dumas, forge a ghostly window of the past to find another kind of future.  The Ghostly and Paradise Taxi series celebrates memories for a second chance to find eternity with those we love, this is a prescient love story, but the recounting begins in BOOK 1 during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Our debut author CL Bee is a former freelance writer who worked overseas and was based in Paris, France. Now she's back in the USA and writing the fiction she didn't publish during those years when she was freelancing.        

When this paranormal/supernatural romance genre Kindle eBook was published in January of 2022 by Daccord Press, the Kirkus Editorial review praised this book as "...an interexsting creative concept" and noted this book was about "...remarkable people living remarkable lives..."

CL Bee's 1st Kindle eBook, THE GHOSTLY AND PARADISE TAXI - Book 1, received two 5* ratings, we are proud of her work and are looking forward to Book 2 of this 3 book GHOSTLY AND PARADISE TAXI series.  In many ways, this is a book for our times, a time in the present, a time in the past for a recounting of change with the ability to adapt to a new life with changing circumstances.
THE GHOSTLY AND PARADISE TAXI is a 3 book series with plots of entangling developments that take all the characters to where they don't expect to go in unexpected ways.
In Book 1, solving the puzzle of Paradise Taxi leads the reader into a multi-time window of uncertainties with an unintended results plot featuring the magic realism romances of 2 women looking for a second chance.  The Ghostly Maxine Martir aka Max in Paris recounting a past rememberance of a Russian winter, and in a present moment in time, Clarissa Max arrives in Paris expecting a different life after 5 years of regretting a perfect romance gone awry, yet her former lover is in Paris, too, and he wants to reclaim her, but she isn't sure she can forgive him.  Books 2 and 3 will add more to this magic realism plot.  Many of the characters are in the midst of a second chance that results from what one character calls a "calamity," but Book 1 ends with an uncertain future.



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Cynthia Lynn's KINDLE eBook FINANCIAL REFERENCE published on July 30, 2021 CURRENT Amazon sales ranking is 109,209 in KINDLE 'REFERENCE" books  and is available exclusively on all amazon.com sites worldwide.